Pokemon Torn Platinum ROM Download For Nintendo DS

Download Pokemon Torn Platinum ROM free for Nintendo DS Emulator. Paly this hack version of Pokemon Renegade Platinum ROM on your Windows PC with the help of NDS Emulator. The game has been modified with minor changes such as Pokemon abilities, text and some extra features are added.

Pokemon Torn Platinum Rom
ROM NamePokemon – Torn Platinum Version
File Size21.1 MB
ConsoleNintendo DS


The Poke Ball is a physical device that stores data for Pokemon in the games. It was introduced in Generation II and has been used ever since. In order to play the game on an updated version of the game, players need to transfer their save files from their original game cartridge onto a flash drive or ROM cartridge called a “Torn Platinum.” This ROM cartridge allows players to continue playing the updated game while they wait for new cartridges to be released.

Pokemon Torn Platinum ROM is a hacked ROM of Pokemon Platinum for the Nintendo 3DS. It was created by members of the 4chan forums /v/ and /mu/. The ROM is based on an earlier version of the game, which was leaked online in February.

The ROM includes several modifications that make the game harder, faster, and more challenging. These modifications include changes to enemy AI, item placement, and battle mechanics. The developers have also added new features, such as a map editor and companion app that allows players to share their screenshots and progress reports with other players.

The Pokemon Torn Platinum ROM is a hacked version of the game that allows players to play as any character they want. It was created by a fan who wanted to see more than the default selection of characters. The ROM also includes several modifications not found in the official game, such as increased levels and more powerful Pokémon.


Pokemon Torn Platinum Rom

Download Pokemon Torn Platinum Rom For Nintendo DS Emulator

We have provided the direct download link to the ROM file by which you can easily download and play the game. The installation steps are very simple. Our purpose to share this link is to provide the Hack version of Pokemon Platinum ROM for free. So download the game now and enjoy it on your PC.

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