Download Pokemon Platinum ROM For Nintendo DS Emulator

Are you a Pokemon game lover and willing to play the platinum version on the big screen?. Then you have found the best platform. Here we are sharing the direct download link of Pokemon Platinum ROM. By using this ROM file, you will be able to play this game on the computer with the help of an emulator. It is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo as well as the Pokemon company. The game is an upgraded version of the Diamon and Pearl version. The features missing in previous versions are covered in the Platinum version.

Download Pokemon Platinum ROM
ROM NamePokemon – Platinum Version
File Size48.5 MB
ConsoleNintendo DS


Want some adventure in the game? then play the platinum version because it includes lots of adventure elements. Although it is a role-playing game, adventure elements make it an adventurous game. The basic mechanism of the game is the same as the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl version. It is a third-person perspective game and consists of three screens, Field Map, Battle screen and the Menu. In the field map, the player can navigate the main characters. And from the menu, a player can configure their party. The Pokemon have hit points in the game. If all the hit points go to zero then pokemon cannot battle.

The story begins with your character moving from his/her birthplace of Twinleaf town to the nearest big city Jubilife city. There you go to pick up your first pokemon from Prof. Rowan’s assistant Dawn/Lucas (depending on your character’s gender). On your way in through a forest thicket, a wild Starly attacks you and starts a battle with you unexpectedly. After capturing the Starly you are introduced to your rival, an obnoxious fellow who is looking for his first pokemon too. After giving one of your pokemon to him he challenges you to a battle. The rest of the story unfolds…

The game has many twists and turns in its gameplay with additional sidequests aside from completing the league tournament which will prove to be entertaining for all types of gamers. Anime fans will certainly enjoy this game as it follows closely along with the anime series that was recently dubbed into English in late 2008/early 2009.

It can be played on Nintendo’s Wii system using its Virtual Console service or on the Nintendo DS itself by buying the physical copy version. The physical copy version comes with a wireless adapter allowing you to play multiplayer games without any cables needed.


Pokemon Platinum Version Gameplay

Download Pokemon Platinum ROM For Nintendo DS Emulator

Above we have shared a direct download link of the emulator as well as the ROM file. First, install the emulator and then the ROM file to play the game. The files are easy to download and requires only one click to download. Hence get the game now and enjoy it on your Windows PC. The purpose of sharing this post is to provide the direct download link of the Pokemon Platinum version ROM.

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